What is KeyLogging? How to Stay Secure from It?

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What is KeyLogging? TechneSiyam

To hack a device or account hackers use different types of techniques. And Keystroke Logging is one of the most used and popular techniques. This technique is famous because anyone can use it without higher knowledge of hacking and it can be used to hack any kind of information including bank accounts and social media accounts. This technique is smartly and shortly called KeyLogging.

Keylogging is a system monitoring system that helps the hacker to monitor or record the user's keyboard strokes. Devices or software used to keylog is called KeyLogger. Mainly, these keyloggers save the information of the keystrokes in a file then send it to the hackers. With the use, keyloggers are mainly two kinds - Hardware & Software.


Keyboard Hardware: This device is connected to the computer and it records the input or strokes of the keyboard. Some of these devices have a USB port to connect to the PC easily. Some well-known keyloggers are CompSpy, KEYKatcher, Keyghost, Keygrabber.

Keyboard Overlay: This kind of device is used in ATM machines. Hackers put a thin layer above the main keyboard of the ATM machine which can collect the PIN.

Wireless Keyboard Sniffer: These devices log the information sent from the wireless keyboard. Later, it transfers the information to the hacker. One Wireless Keyboard Sniffer is KeySweeper.

Acoustic Keylogger: You might notice that when you click any Key of the keyboard it creates a sound. And it is different for every key. So, this sound can be used to detect strokes. This technology is only used by Secret Agencies and it is not publicly available.
Firmware Based: Firmware is an electric component that controls BIOS like software. This kind of Keylogger acts like firmware in the user's device and can collect keyboard inputs.


Remote Access Software: Using this kind of software a hacker can control everything about a user. This software can record every stroke of a user and then it sends them to the hacker's website or e-mail address. Some keyloggers are KidLogger, Py Keylogger, iSafeSoft Keylogger.

Hyper Based: This software works like a virtual machine. Hackers can hide and include it inside the Operating System. Such as Blue Pill

API Based: API or "Application Program Interface" is an important part of the operating system. In the windows operating system APIs like GetAsyncKeyState (), GetForegroundWindow () is used to collect keyboard inputs. Some keyloggers can act as an API to keylog.

Kernel-Based: Kernel controls the I/O (input/output) request sent from software. Some keyloggers show themselves as Keyboard Device Driver and log keystrokes avoiding the system. 

How to Detect Keylogger in Your PC?

So now you might be afraid and concerned about your PC if its keylogger affected or not. But, "WHEN TECHNESIYAM IS HERE, NO FEAR". Follow the below steps to find out if your pc is affected by a keylogger.

Step-1: Press Windows key and R together.

Step-2: This will start a program named RUN. Type "cmd" in the box and press "ENTER". 

Step-3: Now "cmd.exe" will open up. Type below comment and press "ENTER".
netstat -b
Here you will see a list of sources where your data is going. It also includes software names (Like chrome.exe). If you find any unknown .exe software or any unknown address then alas! you are most probably affected by keyloggers.

How to Remove KeyLogger?

So, if you find some keylogger in your PC it's time to remove it. Follow the below steps to remove any Keylogger.

Step-1: Like before, press the "Windows+R" keys to start the RUN program.

Step-2: Type "MSConfig" in RUN and press "ENTER".

Step-3: It will start the "System Configuration". Go to the "Startup" tab from there. In there you will see a list of programs that are running in the background. Check for any unknown software and Disable that.

There is also some free software that helps you find keyloggers in your device and then remove them.

In my opinion, the best keylogger remover software is Malwarebytes ANTI-MALWARE. You can directly download this by clicking the button below.

install this software after downloading it. This is very user friendly and easy to use. You can scan your pc for keyloggers with this. This software will help you delete keyloggers from your PC permanently.

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